Museums and exhibition spaces

We are engaged in museum design and exhibition design. We approach the design of each museum individually. We take into account the history of the object, the theme of the museum, the diversity of the collection of exhibits, the target audience, and the age of visitors.

In developing design concepts, we use multimedia technologies: interactive screens, projection systems, virtual and augmented reality. Modern multimedia equipment will help revitalize the museum, make the exhibition more memorable, and involve visitors in the process of interacting with works of art.

1. Pre-design study
We collect information, analyze the client’s needs and tasks
2. Concept development
we determine the interior style, colors, materials and furniture
3. Development of a design project
We create a planning solution, furniture arrangement plan, electrical plans, lighting and other interior elements
4.Creation of 3D visualization of the interior
5.Development of design drawings
6.Development of technical documentation
7. Designer supervision and consultations on construction work

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